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Pet Insurance
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Be honest when answering questions, otherwise your policy may be cancelled, and claims could be denied or partially paid. To help prevent fraud and validate your details, we collect, share and process your information with other organisations, such as fraud prevention and credit agencies. This may be recorded on your credit file, but it won’t affect your credit rating. Check our Privacy Policy for details.

Tell us about your pet

Is your pet a dog or a cat?

What is your pet's gender?

How old is your pet?

What breed type is your pet?

Select a species to see the available breed types.

What breed is your pet?

Please note, if your pet's breed is not on our pick list or is crossed with a breed not on our pick list, we cannot offer cover.

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Did you rescue or adopt your pet?

Has your pet been neutered or spayed?

What type of cover does your pet need?

We don’t provide cover for pre-existing conditions.

for accidents and illnesses that can normally be treated within 12 months, such as broken bones or infections

for any accidents and illnesses, including conditions that normally require treatment lasting longer than 12 months, such as arthritis or diabetes

How much fixed excess do you want to pay towards your pet’s vet fees?

A larger amount will usually make your policy price cheaper, but it will increase the amount you will need to pay if you make a claim.